Breathe.  Speak.  Connect. 

Boost Your Breath Power to Voice Power

* Speak with Clarity, Confidence, Charisma

* Put Your Best Voice Forward to Connect 


Are Listener's Paying Attention to You?

The Secret to Gaining A Powerful Voice

Hello, I'm Brenda C. Smith, Speech and Presentation Coach. and I'm keen to help you enhance the sound of your voice and your delivery style so you will influence your listeners.

Your Voice is your most valuable asset.

The KEY mistake  holding most people back is not using their "Breath" power to gain Voice Power.

Benefits of my Diaphragmatic "BREATHE" Model:

  • Manage your breathing to never run out of breath
  • Project your sound to be heard by all without strain
  • Sharpen your diction with crisp clarity and pace 
  • Engage your audience with more energy and excitement.
  • Connect better to your audience with emotional impact

Voice Power Makeovers for Your Care and Advancement

We are presently offering you our most popular courses to fit your particular needs and time frame:

  1. "Boost My Breath to Voice Power": 3 -Modules on Video for you to learn about Diaphragmatic Breathing
  2. Our NEW Book: "Breathe...Just Steps to Breathtaking Speeches"  to help you go from ordinary to extraordinary in your speech and presentation skills
  3. Our" V.I.P.  - 7 Steps to Putting Your Best Voice Forward" This is follow-up program if you want help with the principles and exercises in our BREATHE book. It's the ultimate Speech and Presentation Mastery Program in 7 modules with Coaching Calls

Boost Breathe Power to Voice Power

 As we age our voice changes from stability to difficulties ​like

projecting our voice to be heard, short of breath, and less energy. 

Discover how diaphragmatic breathing is your best voice tool to help sustain more breath, have more energy, and project your voice to be heard, 

while still being calm & healthy.

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Choose one or all of our Online Voice Power Training Courses:

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Speak With Confidence (Even with Dentures)

Recharge Your Mouth Muscles to Reset Your Speech and Regain Your Confidence. We've got your back to give you key speech exercises 

to reset your pronunciation, sound, and confidence.

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Speech and Presentation Mastery

VIP BREATHE- "7 Steps to Putting Your Best Voice Forward"

We don't stop leading or teaching if we truly love what we do - but perhaps 

as women we are still trying to break through that glass ceiling

This is our signature course to strengthen your voice and delivery style with a drama edge to engage your listeners emotionally whether it's in the boardroom or in front of an audience.

Learn how to Deliver your Presentations as a Leader with Voice Power to connect with 

authority, respect, and inspiration from your listeners that you rightly deserve.

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Staying Voice Fit - What to Avoid!

Are you concerned about your voice as you age?

Are You Damaging Your Voice? 

The health and safety of people using their voice daily can be risky!

How to Care for You Voice is our primary concern for you. 

"How to Keep Voice Fit!"

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Coaching Client Testimonial:

Brenda's coaching provided me with many tips to 'find' my true 'tone' and best on-air voice. My speed, enunciation, and projection all improved with Brenda's one-on-one lessons and customized exercises. 

Rob Mattice, Announcer,

Bluewater Radio 93.1 FM

Director of High Fives, Apple

 Workshop Client Testimonial:

The best thing I learned was about the Breathing. You are awesome Brenda. I came to learn something. Oh my Gosh-I learned a TON!- AMAZING and you gave us so much to work on.

Rita Rittenhouse, 

Stonecroft Ministries Workshop, 

Guelph, ON

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Client Testimonial

Hi Brenda, Just a short message to thank you for the voice power training  I found it very informative and I have used some the skills I learned and feel there is a big difference. Overall, I feel more confident in how I communicate with others. I would recommend this training.

Marianne Christie, Executive Director,

Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Wellington, ON

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor