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Media – WSJ Article 

interview with Speech Coach, Brenda C. Smith [excerpt]:

The Sound of Your Voice Speaks Volumes- by Sue Shellenbarger- Wall Street Journal, 2013

“…Women leaders stand out on…the amount of ‘vocal energy,’ or variations in loudness, they use to drive home their points, the study shows. An energetic voice come across to listeners as authentic, inspiring trust, say Carrie Goldberger, a research analyst with Quantified Impressions. And vocal energy is controlled by the speaker, providing ambitious people a ready tool for advancement….

“…More Women today are seeking voice coaching to advance their careers, as discussed in… ’Work and Family’ column. Women who lack confidence or feel stressed and anxious often speak in a high or weak voice that undermines them at work, says Brenda C. Smith a speech and presentation coach with Voice Power Training Services. Learning to breathe differently and relax the neck and shoulders can make one’s voice stronger and more resonant, she says.

One client’s voice became timid and high when her boss interrupted her work and ordered her to do some trivial tasks for him immediately, Ms. Smith says. After the woman strengthened her voice with coaching and began telling her boss in strong, assertive tones that she would be available after finishing whatever she was working on, he backed off. “He was just a bully,” Ms. Smith says…”


TESTIMONIALS​ and Corporate

Clients We have Worked With

Some of our clients' comments:

"This book[Breathe..Just Steps to Breathtaking Speeches] is absolute gold. Become a more powerful presenter by building a more powerful, flexible and energized voice. Step by step activities and exercises that truly work."

[Cher Cunningham, Leadership Confidence Coach #womenincommunityleadership #womenleaders]

" Great working with you again Craig, after all these years"

[Frank Mills, Pianist & Composer]

Hi Brenda,

Just a short message to thank you for the voice power training I attended. I found it very informative and I have used some the skills I learned and feel there is a big difference. Overall, I feel more confident in how I communicate with others. I would recommend this training.

[Marianne Christie, Executive Director,

Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Wellington, ON]

The best thing I learned was about the Breathing. You are awesome Brenda. I came to learn something. Oh my Gosh- I learned a TON! AMAZING and you gave us so much to work on!

[Rita Rittenhouse attended Stonecroft Ministries Workshop in Guelph, ON

My voice is soft and feels strained when I try to speak louder. I am looking forward to trying the exercises to help me

[Teresa Bolger, Stonecroft Ministries Workshop]

I look forward to putting some of what we learned today into practice. Thank you very much.

[Joyce Shenlin, Stonecroft Ministries Workshop]

“I definitely have voice power; your 1-1 coaching has allowed me to be more confident and improved my sales.” [M. Sampson, Insurance Advisor, Manulife Insurance, Waterloo]

" Craig, we appreciate your warm and authoritative voice"

[The Tannahill Funeral Home, Owen Sound,ON]

“Brenda, We want you back again next year to do another voice workshop-you are great, very dynamic!”

[J. Holden, Sears Drama Festival Co-ordinator, Halton Region

The best thing I learned was about the diaphragm and projection. The workshop was very informative, enjoyed the snacks too!

[Vanessa, Customer Support Services, Solowave Design Inc,]

The best thing I learned was how to lower my tone; how to project my voice.[Lisa, Customer Support Services, Solowave Design Inc.]

“The best workshop we’ve had this semester, very practical.”

[P. Scott, Conestoga College, Head, Broadcast, Kitchener, ON] 

"People have told me that I sound so much better. Your exercises have made a difference.”

[S. Bennette, Trainer and Personal Coach]

"Craig, your Country 93- Hall of Fame Show is so informative and entertaining. Never miss a show." [B. King, Owen Sound, ON]

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