Breathe. Speak. Connect.

Take Action Now with Your Favourite Warm-ups! 


Each Warm-up is a Prelude to Your Voice Power!

Relaxation Warm-up

Listen. RELAX. Refresh.

PLAY this Audio (13:14) to listen to Broadcaster, Craig Smith,  as he guides you through a total relaxation exercise to release tension in your body muscles, breathe with the diaphragm, and clear stress to focus your mind. 

From your relaxed state you continue onto an imaginary sensory journey at the beach. 

Included are suggested questions to guide your self-reflection and growth.

A great warm-up to voice power and personal reflection that you can do any time.

But why not take action right now to experience it for yourself?

$9.97 CAD


Vocal Warm-ups

Listen. REHEARSE. Refresh.

Access our Top Q.&A. Vocal Techniques Videos to Improve your Vocal Sound  and Vocal Impact for your Speech.    

Broadcaster, Craig Smith; and Speech & Drama Coach, Brenda Smith, offer you  techniques and warm-ups to speaking better so you can have the tools to speak with confidence right-away. 

Each brief video answers the top questions about your speech and voice on breath, energy, inflection, pace, pitch, projection, tone, volume, pronunciation, and storytelling. Included are exercises for you to do any time. You can choose one or more that suits you.

But why not take action right now to experience it for yourself?

$9.97 CAD


Drama & Improv Warm-ups

Listen. IMPROVISE. Refresh.

Create that Drama Edge you always wanted for your presentations with the skills of an actor.


What our customers are saying

"People have told me that I sound so much better. 

Your exercises have made a difference.

S. Bennette, Trainer and Personal Coach